About Us

Welcome to the MoshPod.

MoshPod Team:

BangBang: Host, Pod Selector, Raver.
GuvThe Governor: Pod Selector, Raver.
BigTFat Ass Tony: Pod Selector, Raver, Sound Engineer.


The three of us are long-time friends; we have an eclectic range of interests, anything meaty or controversial, anything that gives new insight into people and what makes us tick, or the world around us and how we relate to it.

We completely dig podcasts. New web media can find an audience anywhere so it doesn’t need to stick to the lowest common denominator formula that traditional media uses to find its largest market. The vast content of good quality commentary, interviews and storytelling that’s being pumped out via podcasts every week is truly phenomenal.

Herein lays our problem. We want to throw our hats in the ring but where to start? There are already at least 10 poor clones for every decent pod, and if there’s one thing we are acutely aware of, it’s our limitations. It’s our first effort so rather than adding to the poor clone pool, we’ve decided to go with this pirate podcast approach. Most of the pods we use have great production values and a large staff working to make it so, it just seems to makes more sense to “borrow” from the big boys, rather than trying to compete at their level.

We will NEVER pass off other people’s hard work for our own. Every pod we use is fully referenced in the show and links will always be in the show notes. We emphatically encourage our listeners to go and check out the original shows if you like what you hear, you’ll find loads more great content one click away. To put a minimising spin on it, we are really just a podcast review show that conveniently gives you the podcasts and the reviews in one file so you don’t need to download both. We hope we can add to the audience of the great shows we use.