Muddy Waters Part 1

Welcome to the Eighth episode of MoshPod

In this Episode: Muddy Waters – part1 ! It’s the supersized s1 final, pods about tricky topics with no easy solutions, and pods that challenge and complicate accepted ideas…. We can neither confirm, nor deny that we have stories about LSD, Cannibals, Cannibals on LSD, human experiments, Blood for oil, castrated paedophiles and more…

P1 Pods from Stuff You Should Know, Monstertalk, Skeptoid and This American Life.

Enjoy the show and let us know what you think, we encourage discussion and dissension, so let us have it on the website or facebook! Thanks again Moshpodders, we hope you enjoy.

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Download mp3: MoshPod ep8 ‘Muddy Waters p1’



Pods used for E8 Muddy Waters – Part1!

Stuff You Should Know, Did The CIA Test LSD On Unsuspecting Americans?

Monstertalk Ep.40, Dead Men Are A Ghoul’s Best Friend.

Skeptoid, Blood For Oil.

This American Life No.522, Tarred And Feathered, Act 2.


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