Dem MoshPod Niggas

“‘Aint no time to cock it, aint no way you can stop it, when dem MoshPod Niggas come at ‘cha with the Bang out.

You do what ‘cha gotta do we don’t care if we get caught, is the D.A. gunna get some business? Mothafucka take us to court, BYATCH WE KILL YOU”

Hi Moshpodders,

Been a while since our last post or pod, sorry for the delay, we have all been super busy with life stuff but we are back!

Today I wanted to have a quick rave about the word “Nigger” and the suggested listening is a BBC Podcast on the History and evolution of the word “Nigger”, nigger.

BBC Radio 4 Doco. of the Week: A History of the “N” Word

hmm looks like it’s no longer available, if anyone wants to listen to it and can’t find it just post here and we will upload it here for you. Here we go, F A Tony dug up this link to the pod, enjoy:

This all came up from a discussion Fat Ass Tony and I had when editing our latest podcast, MoshPod Ep.8 Muddy Waters. In it, I used the word Nigger and when FA Tony heard it he was all like “na man you can’t say that, people are super sensitive about that”.


Bang defending his use of the N Word

I, of course, defended my use of the word and was surprised and amused at FA Tony’s reaction. Considering some of the stuff we have said in the pods and the fact that I wasn’t calling some black guy a nigger or anything, I was just quoting Fitty after we played a part of a song where he says it.

To me, using the word in that situation, I was demonstrating my intellectual superiority, facetiously throwing down a nigger drenched in sarcasm, neutering the word while simultaneously transcending to a plane of post discriminatory artistic integrity, but FA Tony just thought I sounded like a racist arsehole.

FA Tony has always been sensitive about the word, I think he identifies with it, I mean it’s pretty cool to be one really, every white boys dream, He will throw the racist slurs around with the best of them, “wogs” “boongs” he loves it, using them for the reasons above of course, but try throw nigger in the mix, you racist c$%t!

It made me think how a word can mean so much more than it’s sum. I saw Dave Chappelle a few months ago, and before he came on, we all knew the “niggers’ would soon be flowing free and fast, I was looking around the theatre at all the faces, and there were a lot of brown skinned dudes and dudettes. Sure enuf a few gags in he peered over the audience and observed what a “bunch of white muthafuckas here TONITE muthafucka” or some such, and I was thinking, yeah, while there wasn’t any real blafrican types, still a lot of “not white” people and I bet, like FA Tony, they identify to an extent with being “black” and might have been thinking, fuck you Dave, so the whole “nigger” badge can be a tool of exclusion too.

So who won the “Nigger debate”, Bang or Fat Ass Tony? You will have to listen to Moshpod Ep.8 Muddy Waters to find out!


This BBC pod is pretty interesting, from the birth of the word, a mispronunciation of the word Negro on the slave ships as they travelled to the new world – NIG – RA, to the use of the word today, perhaps no other word means so many different things to different people.

Some great old songs they dredge up from the radio archives, nigger this and nigger that, nasty stuff was pretty normal. Some great old sound bytes too, like Muhammad Ali’s immortal words when refusing the Vietnam draft – “No Viet Cong ever called me Nigger”.

They look at some case studies like Richard Pryor, in his early career he used the word as much as he could, trying to take the power out of it, he says. There’s some story I can’t quite remember but he was standing in some room full of black people and someone said to him “do you see any niggers?” and he was like shit no I don’t and from then on would never use it.

There’s some classic old interviews, one from the early 80’s, the British Police Commish., @ 33 mins justifying why it’s ok for police to use the word nigger when talking to black people, he’s like soon we won’t even be able to call them black bastards.

Bringing it back to today, some chick makes a great point how rappers use the word, it’s just a commercial decision half the time to shock or to be classed as “hardcore”, waving a red flag to say, I can say this and make money or an image off the word, but it’s too sacred for you to say and if you do, they get all uppity.


I’m staying in tonite, waiting for your booty call

While at the same time these men, spit it, “MEN”, are constantly discriminating against women, all the bitching and ho-ing and booty calls in rap are all about using language to relegate women to the role of second class humans, where their ultimate value is determined by what they can offer men around them. Yep, but don’t you say nigger, nigger. “You can’t decide to curb one word then be so offensive to other people” she says.

The other side of the coin is also well explored, the power the word still retains to subjugate and dis empower.

James Baldwin “You’re called a nigger by the time you’re seven, then by the time you are 14, this is very arbitrary, the danger point is when you call yourself a nigger, when you, yourself take over the world’s obligation to define you. When you agree with the world’s definitions, you are in the process of destroying yourself”.

“If I walk into your nightmare and react to what you see, I become what you say I am and you have won, or at least I’ve lost”

Nice one, even a chalky like me can get something out of that.

Bottom line, the word nigger has defied all attempts to eradicate it and as long as it remains transgressive, artists will attempt to harness it’s power.

Please let us know what ‘yall nigga’s all think?

Posted by Bang.


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BBC Radio 4 Doco. of the Week: A History of the “N” Word, 21st June 2014.


6 thoughts on “Dem MoshPod Niggas

  1. Reblogged this on (((m-jayz))) and commented:
    Yeh well, It’s an offensive word period, just like calling someone an el pinko commie old cunt douche bag retard faggot peter puffer.. or whatever have ya. Whatever context… it’s just plain offensive, more so for those who are subjugated by the term/s. But yeh like all things it’s perception, and if your one who doesn’t give a damn, you’ll fling it willy nilly..

  2. Good to see you guys back, another interesting article, personally I don’t like to use the word because it does still have the ability to offend people, regardless of the intended context. At the same time, it shouldn’t be “banned”. It’s important that it’s historical significance can be discussed in schools etc without people getting too precious. I was reading about how they want to rerelease Huckleberry Finn with “N$%er Jim’s” name changed. Considering Mark Twain wrote it as a criticism of slavery, and Jim’s character is as compelling and well rounded as any in the book, indeed, he is full of practical wisdom and skill, the boys see his big deft hands as almost magic, clearly an intelligent and gifted man, yet bound to a position of servitude. His name says so much, he’s not just Ni&^er or not just Jim, he is Ni^%#er Jim. So removing it from somewhere like this is counter productive, and smacks of whitewashing the past. I’ll have a listen to this podcast, thanks for the tip.

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  4. Apparently (according to Justin Timberlake>Madonna TweetGate) Mother Chucking Ninja = Mother F#%cking Ni$%#er and everyone knows it? never heard of it am I just out of the loop or is this another beat up?

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