MonehWelcome to the Seventh episode of MoshPod

In this Episode: MONEY! Is it the root of all evil or the lifeblood of civilisation? Pods on selling your soul for cash, selling your body for cash, we’ve got hands on hard bodies, psychopath C.E.O’s and we ask, would YOU ruin a good pair of shoes to save a drowning African?

Don’t miss another infamous discussion this episode comes with a BAD LANGUAGE WARNING!

Pods from This American Life, Freakanomics, Philosophy Bites.

Enjoy the show and let us know what you think, we encourage discussion and dissension, so let us have it on the website or facebook! Thanks again Moshpodders, we hope you enjoy.

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Download mp3: MoshPod ep7 ‘Moneh’



Pods used for E7 MONEH!

This American Life No.436, The Psychopath Test.

Freakanomics Radio, Soul Possession.

Philosophy Bites, P Singer, The Life You Can Save.

This American Life No.62, Something for Nothing.


Other links mentioned in this Podcast:


5 thoughts on “MONEH!

  1. Finally, been waiting for this – thanks for the show guys, enjoying it. The last bit was hilarious just don’t tell bang.
    Personally I think it’s the modern world’s addiction to the “human rights” paradigm, a western theory we have exported to the world as a bunch of unassailable rights people should expect, but throughout history it’s been the exception and not the rule.
    In the natural order of things there is the dominators and the dominated. Last thing we need is 7+ billion individuals putting the pressure on the planet that we do in the west but we are the chosen ones.

    All these black and brown folk need to stay in their place, and continue to struggle through their nasty brutish and short lives and if they are lucky we will throw them some scraps. We empower them at our own risk, they are not like us, if they can, they will eat us.

  2. Hi Cromcurse, thanks for commenting, glad you like the show, but…WTF are you on about? I can’t tell if there is a valid point there or just some racist diatribe???

  3. Hey Crom, you forgot to mention yella you sick institutionalised racist. Sadly though beneath it all, its a worrying reality. More disturbing is that we (westerners) for the most part… live amidst a fantasy world, disconnected from the truly harsh realities and struggles the vast majority of those left abused by governments, corporations and other such are forced to undergo. But I guess that be the way of the world. Conquered peoples must submit in obeisance while we whine about Justin Bieber and other such inanities…shaking our fists at the plight of the world while we watch TMZ on our huge flat screen tv’s built by a peoples generated purely for the sole purpose of working in sweat shops hidden away in the darkest depths of China and shit.

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