Dodgy Practices Part 3

Dodgy Practices Part 3Welcome to the Sixth episode of MoshPod

In this Episode: Dodgy policing where one cop finds himself thrown into a mental asylum by his own colleagues. Get some insight into the massive scope and general evil nature of organised fraud, and finally, Racism, specifically institutional racism…  re Seth Efrikana Apartheid scum.

Hosted by the lo down dirty Big Ass Tony.

Pods from This American Life, Interviews with Richard Fidler, Stuff you should know.

Enjoy the show and let us know what you think, we encourage discussion and dissension, so let us have it on the website or facebook! Thanks again Moshpodders, we hope you enjoy.

Download mp3: MoshPod ep6 ‘Dodgy Practices p3’


Pods used for E6 Dodgy Practices P3

This American Life No.414, The Right To Remain Silent.

A.B.C. Radio, Conversations with Richard Fidler, Fraud, July 2012.

Stuff You Should Know, How Apartheid worked.



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