Da Environment

Da EnvironmentWelcome to the third episode of MoshPod

In this Episode: We pit a right wing school girl against a climate scientist, find out why your views on climate change aren’t based on facts, why environmentalism is an easy sell and what plants are thinking about all this.

Pods from This American Life, The Philosopher’s Zone, Freakanomics, Skeptoid.

We discuss climate change, media presentation, public perception of science, logging in Tasmania, the state of the environment in Indonesia and more!

Enjoy the show and let us know what you think, we encourage discussion and dissention so let us have it on the website or facebook! Thanks again Moshpodders, we hope you enjoy.

Download mp3: MoshPod e3 ‘Da Environment’


Pods used for E3 Da Environment

This American Life No.424, Kid Politics

The Philosopher’s Zone 5th May 2012, Environmental Triage

Skeptoid 4309, The science and politics of global warming

Freakanomics Radio, 24 Oct 2013, Why environmentalism is such an easy sell.

Bonus Pod
The Philosopher’s Zone, Plant Thinking.


Satellite Images of deforestation referenced in Ep.3 Da Environment:



7 thoughts on “Da Environment

  1. Hey JC807, is that like MH370 ? careful bro.
    Here is some behind the scenes info for the fans on how Ep3 Da Environment got it’s name.

    Originally this episode was slated to be called “Environmental Pragmatism” less mad niggerish to quote you but maybe a bit stale, anyway that was the name.

    But internally we were calling all the files we were working with “da environment” as a reference to an old Ali G show he did, pre hollywood movies, back when Ali G was awesome and political and hilarious. It’s probably on youtube and worth a watch, he has a panel of climate experts on the show and as the back drop there is this MASSIVE spray painted graffiti kind of thing behind them saying “Da Environment”, guess u had to be there but it was great.

    Fat Ass Tony being the awesome creative dude that he is missed this detail (because I never actually mentioned it and everything was tagged as da environment, mybad) he went all proactive and made that mad post on facebook with the awesome pic of the “studio” and announced to the world that we are working hard on Ep3 Da Environment and it will be ready soon, so we just ended up going with that for consistency on release.

    So Environmental Pragmatism, or Da Environment, same shit, unfortunately changing the name doesn’t really add (or detract) to the intellectual credibility of our raving so that will just have to crash and burn on it’s own merit.

    Which one do you guys think is better for this episode? or other suggestions?

  2. Hey Fresh Prune,
    must admit I thought the same but isn’t Tarantino white anyway? I’m sure JC807 was using it in the same “hey I’m just making a social commentary on popular culture and don’t actually have any black friends so its ok” as Tarantino does, rather than it holding any real anti black connotations. Obviously it’s a touchy subject, maybe JC807 is black, you seem to be making a racial assumption that we don’t have any black fans, we got loads of fans in all colours shapes and sizes. Possibly also he is some freak, if JC stands for Jesus Christ maybe he thinks he is the second coming and he is above petty human racial vilification.

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